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Jennifer’s fuck scene in Fast Sofa

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Jennifer Tilly sure has crazy and sexy mixed up comfortably in her movie roles, huh? In the film Fast Sofa, she plays a famous, redheaded porn star, aptly named Ginger, who’s being chased across the country by an obsessed stoner fan. The guy finally meets her, and she makes his dreams come true by agreeing to fuck him, right there by the truck, in the bushes. And the best part of the guy’s good fortune? She freaks when he tries to fuck her with a condom on, and rips it to bits, allowing him to hump her with all the orgasmic pleasure of protectionless sex. By the looks of the scene, Jennifer Tilly was probably high around the time she shot the scene, because she was so high-strung and looking horny for real that her acting was so convincing.

We get to see Jennifer Tilly’s tits exposed freely in this scene, and you can see her lusting face as the guy goes down on her pussy, licking her for a few seconds before she gets down to business and she gets fucked from behind. She does cup her tits after she goes topless, possibly to avoid overexposure from the camera, but what transpires in the scene totally makes up for her little saving grace. If you want to see Jennifer Tilly’s tits as she gets fucked without a condom, feel free to hit the link!

Strip scene from Dancing At The Blue Iguana

Friday, March 12th, 2010

If you’ve seen the list of movies Jennifer Tilly‘s appeared or starred in, you’d probably do a double take like me. There’s over 30 movies she’s done, and plenty of them offer her tits a chance to shine out brighter than her full-fledge acting carring. One such movie is Dancing At The Blue Iguana. There’s a particular scene, shown here, where Jennifer, in her role as pregnant pole dancer Jo, stripping and dancing wildly, with her tits bouncing about as guys shove money up her pussy and latex outfit.

I’ve never been to a titty bar before, so this is new to me, although judging from the activity inside the place, I’m missing a lot. I’d like to see Jennifer Tilly’s tits jiggling and hopping right in front of my face, all for a fiver I can rub on her crotch and between her boobs. And if pole dancers can get wild like that, then fuck, take me to the nearest strip club and I’ll be there, patiently waiting for the boobs to start bouncing on the stage. Of course, a pole dancer like Jennifer Tilly could well be exhausted from doing her show, so I’ll nip around backstage and take advantage of her exhaustion, and fuck her pussy right off the latex boots and leggings she’s got on. All this, inspired from Jennifer Tilly’s topless pole dancing on Dancing At The Blue Iguana.